Trace Ayala (Justin Timberlake Creative Director), Phillipe Vander Elst (Vander Elst Land Management) – EP#28

This week we have Trace Ayala ( and Phillipe Vander Elst ( Trace daylights as Justin Timberlake’s creative director, but moonlights as a passionate outdoorsman. In both hunting and management, he’s heavily involved on his farm in making sure the wildlife there is healthy and flourishing. Helping him with that task is Phillipe. Phillipe owns a land management company just outside of Nashville, “Vander Elst Land Management”. He spends his days helping folks like Trace make sure their farms are producing the healthiest animals they possibly can. In this episode we talk about the music industry, game management, whitetail and turkey hunting, and a lot in between. Take a listen, and we hope you enjoy. C’mon buddy!.

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