Today’s Hunt: 12/29/11


The late season is rearing its ugly head. This morning is further proof. Kevin was out of town this morning,so I took my father in-law out with his new bow (Bear Charge). The morning sit proofed unsuccessful,neither of use seeing anything. I decided to take a walk down the creek back to the stand he was hunting,and I got quite a surprise. Right as I came out of the creek beside his stand,I saw 6 Does feeding in the fields behind it,only 50 yards from me. He took a shot a few seconds later,but hit a limb and shot right under one. I guess that’s how it usually happens. The last 5 minutes of the hunt are always the most exciting. I think that’s my last trip out for the year,but Kev is heading out on new years eve. Hopefully he can connect with something and we can fill the freezer a little more.

C’mon buddy – J-WO

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