Todays hunt: 11/02/11 (Video)


C’mon Buddy, Big K here… Me and Jwo hit the woods at about 2:30 today after workin a half day. It was about 65 degrees …real nice out. Bout 4:30 a doe and a yearling walked out into a field at the back of the property …of course they were on someone else’s land. They fed for about an hour then, bedded down in the middle of the field. They got back up after half an hour. Jared and I thought “They gotta be wantin’ some “salt” with all the greens they were eatin…C’mon buddy!” The doe started walkin our way …I nocked an arrow. Just as the deer was about to jump the fence they turned and headed the other way! Son of a…!! We’ll get em next time!

Make sure you check in this Sat. J-WO is huntin the front stand solo!
I’ll be in PA for a Wedding …just watch, he’ll stick a monster

And remember , If it’s brown it’s down!!!!

A video of our hunt Nov. 2nd.

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