Today’s Hunt: 01/01/12


Hello 2012!! Unlike I thought I would be able to, I got out for one last hunt on the very last day of season. I decided to head out for an afternoon sit,simply because I was up way to late ringing in the new year. I got in stand with plenty of time. It was about 43 degrees and the wind was blowin’ COLD at 15mph,pretty consistently. As usual for this time of year in the afternoons,the action slow until the last hour of light. I spotted a sheen on the other side of the field,and pulled up my binoculars to have a look, and just what I thought. A couple of Doe’s were checkin out the edge of the field before coming out. One by one they started filing out,and one by one the headed in the other direction!! All in all 9 were out feeding before they walked out into the sunset,this ending another deer season. I guess there’s always next year!!

C’mon buddy!!


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