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Hunting Update: 9/22 Thru 10/12/12

The feeling of this season so far is all too familiar. We’ve hunted a total of 9 time’s in between both of us, have seen deer almost every trip out, but for some reason cannot close the deal on one! We’ve either gotten ourselves busted, or had a bad shot we weren’t comfortable taking

Buck Under A Tree Stand

This  buck came in directly under Kevin’s Stand. It hung out for 5 minutes and never gave a good clean shot.

On the last trip out, we checked our camera’s and  saw this guy.

10 Point Buck

He’s no monster,but he is the largest rack buck we have seen all season, and has certainly gotten us fired back up to head out after him. Hopefully our season turns around soon,before we both go crazy!!

Good Huntin’

-J-WO/Jared & Big Kev/Kevin

Double Trouble

Today’s Hunt: 01/01/12


Hello 2012!! Unlike I thought I would be able to, I got out for one last hunt on the very last day of season. I decided to head out for an afternoon sit,simply because I was up way to late ringing in the new year. I got in stand with plenty of time. It was about 43 degrees and the wind was blowin’ COLD at 15mph,pretty consistently. As usual for this time of year in the afternoons,the action slow until the last hour of light. I spotted a sheen on the other side of the field,and pulled up my binoculars to have a look, and just what I thought. A couple of Doe’s were checkin out the edge of the field before coming out. One by one they started filing out,and one by one the headed in the other direction!! All in all 9 were out feeding before they walked out into the sunset,this ending another deer season. I guess there’s always next year!!

C’mon buddy!!


Today’s Hunt: 12/29/11


The late season is rearing its ugly head. This morning is further proof. Kevin was out of town this morning,so I took my father in-law out with his new bow (Bear Charge). The morning sit proofed unsuccessful,neither of use seeing anything. I decided to take a walk down the creek back to the stand he was hunting,and I got quite a surprise. Right as I came out of the creek beside his stand,I saw 6 Does feeding in the fields behind it,only 50 yards from me. He took a shot a few seconds later,but hit a limb and shot right under one. I guess that’s how it usually happens. The last 5 minutes of the hunt are always the most exciting. I think that’s my last trip out for the year,but Kev is heading out on new years eve. Hopefully he can connect with something and we can fill the freezer a little more.

C’mon buddy – J-WO

Today’s Hunt: 12/03/11


Not much to report for today. J-WO and Kev both saw nothing but cows and leaves out of the stand this morning. We have a sneaking suspicion that the deer are still on lockdown now that the peak of rut has passed. We did get a picture of great buck on our trailcam. We are calling him “Fleetwood Rack”. Check out the picture below.


We also got some cool video we pulled off that same camera. It also seems that the rub/scrape activity is still pretty high (see below),which tells us that there are still some doe’s that are coming into estrous. Hopefully next time we’ll stick this big boy!

– Kev and J-WO