It’s ON Friday mornin!…

Big buck rub

I’m hittin the woods friday mornin… low of 25! Deer are gonna be movin C’mon buddy. I plan of hunting the scrape line Jwo found last Sunday. I’ll give you a play by play starting at 6:00am!

When a buck comes around, he’s gonna hit the ground!

Big K

iPhone apps for Hunters: Rut Reporter

Next in line is Rut Reporter by Field and Stream

This is probably the most innovative app I’ve seen for hunters to date. The premise is simple:Have everyone note when they see deer,and what kind of behavior they witness,an input into a very easy to use app (there is a more detailed web version as well). Then display all of that data on an easy to read graph and boom,instant rut report! By integrating their own articles,tips,and videos into the app,they really do give you a wealth of information to plan your next hunt (or kill some time at the office). Check out some screen shots below of the app in action.




Today’s Hunt: 11/6/11 (Video)

Well,another day in the woods is in the books. Today was not ideal,but I was still expecting more action than there was. It started off at about 45 degrees,but the wind was pretty steady at 10-15 mph. Had a nice flock of hens come trough,which gives me hope for next springs turkey season. Other than that,no deer. I did come across some very fresh Buck sign,so he’s there,we just have to find him. Check out the Video below.



Check out another Double Trouble hunt!

Is the rut on in TN?

Well,it’s getting that time of season. Rut should be here any day now,if it’s not already,but I’ve been getting mixed reviews. Over the past week’s hunts,we have seen a little bit of chasing from some younger bucks,but nothing significant. On that same note,my neighbor took a nice little 2 1/2 year old 8 point on opening day of muzzleloader,which was today. He said that the buck was with another buck who looked the same age,which leads me to the question,are the bucks still in bachelor groups? I’m headed out in the morning,hopefully we’ll see some definitive rut action then. I’ll keep you posted.


Todays hunt: 11/02/11 (Video)


C’mon Buddy, Big K here… Me and Jwo hit the woods at about 2:30 today after workin a half day. It was about 65 degrees …real nice out. Bout 4:30 a doe and a yearling walked out into a field at the back of the property …of course they were on someone else’s land. They fed for about an hour then, bedded down in the middle of the field. They got back up after half an hour. Jared and I thought “They gotta be wantin’ some “salt” with all the greens they were eatin…C’mon buddy!” The doe started walkin our way …I nocked an arrow. Just as the deer was about to jump the fence they turned and headed the other way! Son of a…!! We’ll get em next time!

Make sure you check in this Sat. J-WO is huntin the front stand solo!
I’ll be in PA for a Wedding …just watch, he’ll stick a monster

And remember , If it’s brown it’s down!!!!

A video of our hunt Nov. 2nd.

Double Trouble Hunting/Hunt Nashville