iPhone apps for Hunters:ScoutLook

After seeing the Scoutlook website on one of Dodges online advertisements, I decided to take a look at their website to see what the fuss was about. After navigating through some of the basic functions of the site,my heart was warmed with the sight of that beautiful “App Store” logo. After downloading the app (Very reasonably priced at $1.99),I started diving in to figuring it out. Here are some of the main Features:

Scent cone: This is reason enough to download the app. It takes a general wind direction reading (such as weather.com’s app)and rednecks it up. It shows you the direction in which your scent will drift,as well as approximate dispursion. Somthing that is invaluable when planning on which stand site to hunt at your favorite spot.


Set Zone: I’m not a dedicated Duck hunter,but have been a handful of times. This feature basically uses the wind speed/direction information to show you the most likely direction the birds will approach your setup. It really dumbs down the process of setting up your decoy spread,which for someone like me,is perfect.


Detailed Weather: Sure,the weather channel app works fine,and it’s free,which is in everyone’s budget. I’ve used it for several years to plan my hunts with success,but I’ve always wanted more detail. Detail is exactly what you get with ScoutLook’s weather section. Barometric pressure charts,wind speed and direction,and of course the trusty ol’ hourly forecast (Scoutlook actually goes out 72 hours,rather than the 24 hours on the weather channel app).


Solunar Details: This is I’ve been looking for on the iPhone for awhile. Moon phase apps are great,and Peak game movement charts are useful,but this one puts it all into one,easy to read place. If your hunting revolves around food (and in the early and late season,who’s doesn’t?), moon phases are a must for determining when Deer are feeding.


You can get the App HERE. And HERE is the Scoutlook website,in case you want to take a look at things on a bigger screen. 🙂

Enjoy – J-WO

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