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Today’s Hunt: 12/9/11


Ever go to the woods,just knowing your probably not going to see anything? Yeah,this was one of those days. This was my last chance to hunt until next weekend,so I was going out,regardless of the conditions. I only had time to sit from noon until 4,but hey,you can’t shoot a monster buck from the couch!

No deer,not much sign,not much to report. It seems that the deer in our area have fully switched to their winter patterns, so now we get to play the “figure out where they’re hiding” game. We’re hoping the rest of our season doesn’t turn out like the last few hunts have,empty handed.


Today’s Hunt: 12/03/11


Not much to report for today. J-WO and Kev both saw nothing but cows and leaves out of the stand this morning. We have a sneaking suspicion that the deer are still on lockdown now that the peak of rut has passed. We did get a picture of great buck on our trailcam. We are calling him “Fleetwood Rack”. Check out the picture below.


We also got some cool video we pulled off that same camera. It also seems that the rub/scrape activity is still pretty high (see below),which tells us that there are still some doe’s that are coming into estrous. Hopefully next time we’ll stick this big boy!

– Kev and J-WO

Today’s Hunt: 11/23/11

20111126-022549.jpgNot much to report on today’s hunt. We only had one deer sighting,which was brief (a buck was running a doe in the bottom below our stand. We only saw a flash). We did find some new rubs and scrapes,and are hopefully getting close to pinpointing these bucks travel routes. We’ll be headed out to a farm out in west TN this weekend for out first rifle hunt of the year. We are expecting good things!