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Hunting Update: 9/22 Thru 10/12/12

The feeling of this season so far is all too familiar. We’ve hunted a total of 9 time’s in between both of us, have seen deer almost every trip out, but for some reason cannot close the deal on one! We’ve either gotten ourselves busted, or had a bad shot we weren’t comfortable taking

Buck Under A Tree Stand

This  buck came in directly under Kevin’s Stand. It hung out for 5 minutes and never gave a good clean shot.

On the last trip out, we checked our camera’s and  saw this guy.

10 Point Buck

He’s no monster,but he is the largest rack buck we have seen all season, and has certainly gotten us fired back up to head out after him. Hopefully our season turns around soon,before we both go crazy!!

Good Huntin’

-J-WO/Jared & Big Kev/Kevin

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