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Turkey Hunting Tip: Gear

Learning how to Turkey hunt can seem like a daunting task to someone who doesn’t know the difference in between a gobble and a yelp. Here are some simple tips to point someone new to this amazing sport in the right direction.

Gear: There is a multitude of options when it comes to taking to the turkey woods. Here is what I would consider the bare minimum when heading out after thunder chickens.


Jared_Mouth_call copy


Calls: If you don’t own anything yet, start with a box call. They are by far the simplest turkey calls to pick up and use. Myself,and I’m sure %90 of other turkey hunters started out this way. Also,grab a hoot owl call while you’re at the store. These are fairly cheap,but can have a huge impact on your hunting. When trying to locate birds before daylight,a good snort through a barred owl call will generally rouse even the oldest birds. Check out THIS POST for some basic calling tips.

Clothing: A turkeys eyesight is uncanny. I’ve had birds spot me blinking from 75 yards away. For this reason,dress in full,head to toe camouflage,including gloves and face mask. Generally a pattern with some green to it,as vegetation is beginning to come in during the early spring months. Both Kevin and I wear Mossy Oak patterns,and haven’t been let down by them yet, but to be honest, if all you have is a bunch of army pattern camo,don’t let that stop you from hitting the woods.

Footwear: When you are turkey hunting,you will be walking a lot. Like, A LOT a lot. You need to be comfortable in order to put in the extra miles on foot. A lot of different style boots work,but I prefer the neoprene outer style rubber boots,with a comfort in sole inside. These seem to keep my feet dry while traipsing through soaking wet fields and creeks,while still remaining fairly light and comfortable. A good set of waterproofed leather boots will work well also. A rule of thumb is as long as they are comfortable,light,and keep you dry, they’ll do.

Gun: Well,I guess it wouldn’t make much sense if we spent all this time getting our clothes,shoes,and calls together without grabbing a gun now would it? Guns vary vastly on what works for turkeys,but here are some guidelines. The most common gun you’ll see in the woods is a short-barreled 12 gauge,loaded with 3 1/2″ turkey loads. Most any “Turkey” branded gun you see on the shelf will be some variation of this style. Here is where I disagree with gun makers. I carry a Mossberg 835, a very common model in the turkey woods,but mine has a 28″ barrel on it,rather than a 26″ you see on most turkey guns, as well as an extra inch of choke tube. My reason is this: Sometimes, a Tom isn’t gonna come in to 20 yards for a perfect shot. I’ve had several hang up out at 60-70 yards, but offer me a clear, unobscured shot. The farthest bird I’ve taken with this type gun was at 67 yards. Try making that shot with a short gun. I gladly give up 3-4″ of portability for an extra 15 yards of range.

Many a old-timer went into the woods with these items,or oftentimes less,and came out with a bird over their shoulder. It just goes to show with some good woodsmanship and a little want to, anybody can become a great turkey hunter, no matter the budget. Good luck,and good huntin’!

iPhone apps for Hunters:ScoutLook

After seeing the Scoutlook website on one of Dodges online advertisements, I decided to take a look at their website to see what the fuss was about. After navigating through some of the basic functions of the site,my heart was warmed with the sight of that beautiful “App Store” logo. After downloading the app (Very reasonably priced at $1.99),I started diving in to figuring it out. Here are some of the main Features:

Scent cone: This is reason enough to download the app. It takes a general wind direction reading (such as’s app)and rednecks it up. It shows you the direction in which your scent will drift,as well as approximate dispursion. Somthing that is invaluable when planning on which stand site to hunt at your favorite spot.


Set Zone: I’m not a dedicated Duck hunter,but have been a handful of times. This feature basically uses the wind speed/direction information to show you the most likely direction the birds will approach your setup. It really dumbs down the process of setting up your decoy spread,which for someone like me,is perfect.


Detailed Weather: Sure,the weather channel app works fine,and it’s free,which is in everyone’s budget. I’ve used it for several years to plan my hunts with success,but I’ve always wanted more detail. Detail is exactly what you get with ScoutLook’s weather section. Barometric pressure charts,wind speed and direction,and of course the trusty ol’ hourly forecast (Scoutlook actually goes out 72 hours,rather than the 24 hours on the weather channel app).


Solunar Details: This is I’ve been looking for on the iPhone for awhile. Moon phase apps are great,and Peak game movement charts are useful,but this one puts it all into one,easy to read place. If your hunting revolves around food (and in the early and late season,who’s doesn’t?), moon phases are a must for determining when Deer are feeding.


You can get the App HERE. And HERE is the Scoutlook website,in case you want to take a look at things on a bigger screen. 🙂

Enjoy – J-WO

iPhone apps for Hunters: Rut Reporter

Next in line is Rut Reporter by Field and Stream

This is probably the most innovative app I’ve seen for hunters to date. The premise is simple:Have everyone note when they see deer,and what kind of behavior they witness,an input into a very easy to use app (there is a more detailed web version as well). Then display all of that data on an easy to read graph and boom,instant rut report! By integrating their own articles,tips,and videos into the app,they really do give you a wealth of information to plan your next hunt (or kill some time at the office). Check out some screen shots below of the app in action.




iPhone apps for Hunters:GPS Kit

Let’s face it,there is ALOT of down time in the deer woods. Sure, watching every corner of your hunting spot like a hawk waiting for movement will keep your attention for a little while, but getting excited every time a squirrel jumps gets old pretty quick. I’m gonna post up some of my favorite apps that help me pass the time on stand. I’ll start off with my favorite.


GPS Kit iPhone

Simply put,this thing is every hunters dream when it comes to GPS applications. Wanna take a picture of a big buck rub and save it as a way point? Check. Tracking your footsteps down that super highway deer trail in the middle of your property? Piece of cake.

One of my favorite features is the ability to download maps offline,just in case the area your hunting doesn’t have good cell signal.

The only real downside of this app is the learning curve,which can be pretty steep in my opinion, but after watching its built in tutorials, I was up and running pretty quickly. At $9.99,its not cheap, but for someone like me who uses their phone as their main GPS, its worth every penny! You can grab it here. Here are some screenshots.

Map Overview


Data Screen