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iPhone apps for Hunters:GPS Kit

Let’s face it,there is ALOT of down time in the deer woods. Sure, watching every corner of your hunting spot like a hawk waiting for movement will keep your attention for a little while, but getting excited every time a squirrel jumps gets old pretty quick. I’m gonna post up some of my favorite apps that help me pass the time on stand. I’ll start off with my favorite.


GPS Kit iPhone

Simply put,this thing is every hunters dream when it comes to GPS applications. Wanna take a picture of a big buck rub and save it as a way point? Check. Tracking your footsteps down that super highway deer trail in the middle of your property? Piece of cake.

One of my favorite features is the ability to download maps offline,just in case the area your hunting doesn’t have good cell signal.

The only real downside of this app is the learning curve,which can be pretty steep in my opinion, but after watching its built in tutorials, I was up and running pretty quickly. At $9.99,its not cheap, but for someone like me who uses their phone as their main GPS, its worth every penny! You can grab it here. Here are some screenshots.

Map Overview


Data Screen