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Today’s Hunt: 11/6/11 (Video)

Well,another day in the woods is in the books. Today was not ideal,but I was still expecting more action than there was. It started off at about 45 degrees,but the wind was pretty steady at 10-15 mph. Had a nice flock of hens come trough,which gives me hope for next springs turkey season. Other than that,no deer. I did come across some very fresh Buck sign,so he’s there,we just have to find him. Check out the Video below.



Check out another Double Trouble hunt!

Is the rut on in TN?

Well,it’s getting that time of season. Rut should be here any day now,if it’s not already,but I’ve been getting mixed reviews. Over the past week’s hunts,we have seen a little bit of chasing from some younger bucks,but nothing significant. On that same note,my neighbor took a nice little 2 1/2 year old 8 point on opening day of muzzleloader,which was today. He said that the buck was with another buck who looked the same age,which leads me to the question,are the bucks still in bachelor groups? I’m headed out in the morning,hopefully we’ll see some definitive rut action then. I’ll keep you posted.


Story:Turnip greens lure record deer catch

Pulled from The Tennessean

Turnip Deer

One big buck’s appetite for turnip greens led to his demise on the opening day of the current archery-hunting season.

Lade Conlee landed the 5½-year-old buck that weighed 230 pounds (live weight) and had a massive 15-point rack. Using a crossbow from 20 yards, Conlee took down the animal as it nibbled on turnip greens Conlee had planted to lure him.

The rack’s Boone & Crockett net green score was 182¾ gross and 167¼ net.

“It was a perfect broadside double-lung shot,” said Conlee, who was hunting with his wife Katie. “He ran about 60 yards before he fell.”

Conlee lives in Kingston Springs and hunts on his land near the Williamson County line where he had spotted this particular buck the previous two years. He recognized the deer because of his unusual girth.

“He’s been coming through up there each year, but when deer season would come around and the acorns would start dropping he would disappear,” Conlee said.

“Every once in a while he’d show up in late October, but it’d be in the middle of the night and all I’d get would be trail-camera photos of him.”

Conlee recalled being asked to help a friend a few years ago by hunting the deer that were gobbling up the turnip-green patch he had planted in his garden.

That’s where Conlee came up with the ideal to bring the coveted buck close enough for a shot.

He planted a long row of turnip greens that started near the spot where he had last spotted the buck.

“Most people use seeds from Mossy Oak or put out corn or clover or stuff like that,” Conlee said. “But I remembered the deer that were bothering my friend really liking turnip greens, so I thought I’d see how they would work.”

It didn’t take long for the deer to be enticed by the leafy treat.

The base of the buck’s rack measured in circumference at more than five inches.

The buck field-dressed at 179 pounds.

“The body on him was ridiculous,” Conlee said.

Conlee’s taxidermist estimated the buck’s age at 5½. Conlee said he watched the buck grow significantly larger year after year.

“He was a real good deer last year and by all means if I could have gotten him I wouldn’t have hesitated,” Conlee said. “But there was quite a bit of difference between last year and this year.”

Conlee’s deer could be the largest ever harvested with a bow in Cheatham County.

The record rack score for a bow kill in Cheatham County is 1401/8 taken by Peter McEwan in 2003, according to the Tennessee Deer Registry.

The largest rack ever scored in Cheatham County was 1907/8 taken by Randy Newman, who used a gun.

There is a mandated 60-day wait period before antlers may officially be scored. That period will end for Conlee’s deer on Nov. 25.

iPhone apps for Hunters:GPS Kit

Let’s face it,there is ALOT of down time in the deer woods. Sure, watching every corner of your hunting spot like a hawk waiting for movement will keep your attention for a little while, but getting excited every time a squirrel jumps gets old pretty quick. I’m gonna post up some of my favorite apps that help me pass the time on stand. I’ll start off with my favorite.


GPS Kit iPhone

Simply put,this thing is every hunters dream when it comes to GPS applications. Wanna take a picture of a big buck rub and save it as a way point? Check. Tracking your footsteps down that super highway deer trail in the middle of your property? Piece of cake.

One of my favorite features is the ability to download maps offline,just in case the area your hunting doesn’t have good cell signal.

The only real downside of this app is the learning curve,which can be pretty steep in my opinion, but after watching its built in tutorials, I was up and running pretty quickly. At $9.99,its not cheap, but for someone like me who uses their phone as their main GPS, its worth every penny! You can grab it here. Here are some screenshots.

Map Overview


Data Screen